3/Thirds begins.


We are 3/Thirds.
We create meaningful connections to brands. Using experience, craft, and energy, we bend and blend the worlds of digital and physical, story and strategy, benefit and opportunity to create experiences, relevance, content and influence.

We invite you to join us on this journey.


Towards someplace good, we can assure you.

To a place where your goals become our goals.
Where your vision of design innovation is in good and able hands.
Where you are welcomed, considered, challenged and supported.
Where we look at the big picture, while keeping the details front and center.
Where we create a culture of doing the right and good thing (not always the easy thing).
Where you most definitely matter. As do we.


We unfurl solutions that meet your audience’s needs.
We build genuine connections with story, strategy and meaning.
We help you win the hearts and minds of your customers.

Here resolve and intellect meet curiosity and action.
Here rebels and heroes will meet their muse and, with the creators and innovators, build something for us all to believe in.

This is what we believe.

We exist to create experiences for brands in the digital and physical worlds. Our web, video and holistic campaigns solve problems, provoke thought and inspire action.

We call ourselves 3/Thirds.

What’s in a name?

There exists a rule of thirds. It is, some say, a universal law of nature found in the cosmos. Found in our DNA. Found in design, art, music and even everyday products. A whole comprising three connected parts. Three parts affecting the whole.

What are the 3 parts in our world?

Are they brand, end-customer and agency? Information, inspiration, innovation? Truth, meaning, impact? Strategy, story, design? Mind, body, spirit?

The answer is: Yes.

3 independent parts joining together to work as one.

Here is a thing made whole.

3 independent parts joining together to work as one.

Here is natural harmony.

3 independent parts joining together to work as one.

Here is where you should be.

We are 3/Thirds.

We reveal relationships between the parts to create authentic, beautiful and valuable things designed for good impact, great influence and a meaningful brand experience.

It’s work that matters. It’s work we love.


  1. We promise to be your expert, your advocate and your source of inspiration.
  2. We promise to never settle when it comes to you.
  3. We promise to be honest, open and authentic.
  4. We promise to not make assumptions.
  5. We promise to listen – to you, and your opinions.
  6. We promise to be considerate, passionate and imaginative.
  7. We promise to challenge you; to make you better.
  8. We promise to keep you as involved in the creative process as you want.
  9. We promise to not shy away from having the tough conversation.
  10. We promise to continually nurture our relationship and always be excited by it.


Contact 3/Thirds to find out more about our services and approach, and how we can support your goals.

3/Thirds - Marketing that matters from Portland, Oregon.